Our Commitment

Commited to Great Taste

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Add Flavour to Your Everyday

Our passion is flavour. It brings food to life, awakens the senses, and makes things more vibrant. With it, every meal – even, every bite – can tell a story and take you on a journey. But flavour doesn’t start or stop on the end of a fork. It can be used to enhance the experiences surrounding food too. That’s why we offer a wide variety of flavourful products along with the inspiration you need to add a little something extra to the eating experience as a whole. Who has time for bland anything? Nobody! So avoid the same old same old, and sprinkle a little something special into your routine. Life is truly what you make it. So make it full of flavour. And enjoy!

Our Mission

Hunger for Innovation. Passion for Flavour.

Every flavour discovery, innovation, and surprise we create is developed to answer the question: “Will this impress food manufacturing companies, world-class restaurant chefs, and kids who can’t wait for dinner?” The people at McCormick make every effort to find the perfect flavour for the best graduation dinner, marriage proposal appetizer, or backyard family BBQ anyone’s ever had. Our heritage and culture see to it.

We’re on a Global Quest for Flavour

Creating innovative flavour solutions that translate to more than 110 countries around the world takes a passion for problem solving, extraordinary effort, and teamwork. Continuously growing sales under challenging economic conditions requires patience, stamina, and insight gained from natural curiosity and tasty debate.

Our Vision for Fascinating Food

Our work culture inspires our people to try bold flavour ideas, collaborate and brainstorm, and have fun doing it. It’s a big reason why we're able to anticipate trends so quickly and thrill consumer taste buds all over the world.

Appetite for Creativity

People are searching for exciting new ways to eat, cook, and share flavour and food ideas. And it's universal. So we’re connecting with consumers to match the increasingly personal way they interact with food.

Endless Flavour Excitement

To help industrial customers meet the demand for food personality, we're delivering the deepest and broadest range of flavours, ingredients, and services in our history. We create custom flavour solutions for 9 of the top 10 multi-national food manufacturers and 8 of the top 10 global foodservice restaurants. Now that's delicious innovation.